Representing the interests of M2M/IoT industry the M2M Alliance will create better general conditions for attractive and lucrative M2M solutions through the constant interaction among industry, R&D and policy makers. The promotion of uniform and cross-industry standards forms an important cornerstone for creating a future-proof foundation for new products and innovations. As an independent industry association the M2M Alliance supports its members in the growing M2M market as an ideal partner in the fields of hardware, software, integration and consulting.

We are pleased that you would like to become a member of the M2M Alliance e.V.
To become a member, please send the signed membership application and the logo usage agreement by fax or e-mail to our office.

  • You can find the application for admission and the logo usage agreement with enclosed articles of association here. 
  • The updated application for admission for Startups is available for download here.
  • The M2M Alliance member fee policy M2M Alliance is available for download here.

What’s next for your entry application into the M2M Alliance?
Once your company is a member of the M2M Alliance, we will send you your welcome pack with all the necessary information.