Intelligent Interconnection of the System Infrastructure

FIR at CeBIT 2017: Digitized Logistics Goes Live

Aachen, January 16, 2017. When the special exhibition Digitalization live will be launched for the first time in hall 5 of the upcoming CeBIT 2017 technology fair, the Institute for Industrial Management FIR at RWTH Aachen University will present its new logistics demonstrator at booth E36/1. The demonstrator will show the vertical and horizontal interconnection of different systems along the entire supply chain. With the demonstrator, FIR provides an answer to the most important requirements of companies that have to deal with interface problems, incorrect feedback, and insufficient data quality in their everyday operations.

A heterogeneous systems environment, that is not seamlessly integrated and requires manual sub-processes, results in incorrect or incomplete knowledge about the status of an order or workpiece, and thus, in uneconomical processes, insufficient delivery reliability, and unsatisfied customers. The logistics demonstrator shows how FIR, with its applied research, is able to support companies in managing these challenges: to know in real-time where an order actually is in the supply chain; or to be able to react appropriately in case of unexpected events, such as delays in production or in transport. This is what FIR has defined as High-Resolution Supply Chain Management, which represents another important step towards Industry 4.0 and thus an intelligent interconnection of systems.

Qualicision technology from PSI Logistics GmbH forms an important part of the logistics demonstrator, which, based on a number of key performance indicators, is able to manage the sequence planning of incoming manufacturing orders. Via EDI interfaces, provided by myOpenFactory Software GmbH, order data are sent out in a standardized format, which enables horizontal integration along the supply chain with four companies and four different ERP systems. The ordered product is transported from “factory” to “factory,” from one processing step to the next, and the data are transmitted in real-time. In addition, the entire order tracking process is monitored by PSI’s transport management system (PSItms).

Moreover, the demonstrator features a real-time location system from Ubisense, a technology which is also installed in the shop floor of e.GO Mobile AG in Aachen. In real-time, the system detects the exact location and production status of a workpiece and sends this information automatically back to the ERP system. Using suitable sensors, incoming and outgoing goods as well as assembly times can be registered and monitored. With the help of these data, process times such as idle, processing and transport times can be derived, which can be used for cost calculation and

controlling purposes and, moreover, result in complete transparency of all production orders.

About FIR at RWTH Aachen University

The Institute for Industrial Management FIR at RWTH Aachen University is a non-profit, intersectoral research institution concerned with business organisation and corporate development with the aim to establish the organizational basis for the digitally integrated company of the future. The institute provides research, qualification programmes and lectures in the fields of service management, information management, production management and business transformation. As a member of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations, FIR promotes research and development for the benefit of small, medium-sized and large businesses. FIR, as a research institution of the Johannes Rau foundation, supports the research strategy of the state and participates in analogue clusters to strengthen the location NRW.

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