Hewlett-Packard GmbH

HP enables you to build the Internet of Things, identify new revenue streams and innovate more efficiently in the rapidly evolving communications ecosystem.

As the world’s largest technology company, we are present in more than 170 countries. Our portfolio spans servers, storage, networking, personal computing, imaging and printing, software, services, and solutions. In 2012, we invested $3.3 billion in R&D and hold 36,000 patents worldwide. From core network capabilities to handheld devices – HP brings a set of powerful assets to solve your biggest challenges and to help you implement the new style of communication

By combining HP technology with our industry footprint, we can create the partnerships necessary to develop an ecosystem that aligns with your ambitions to grow. As a trusted advisor for M2M, HP brings agile solutions that are capable of managing a constantly expanding deployment of embedded SIMs and sensors to the different verticals like Utilities, Automotive and Smart cities Remote Management.

HP cooperates with and develops solutions for Communication Service Providers, companies from various industry segments, and other vendors within M2M, enabling them to better monetize from their M2M services, lower reduce the expenditures required to support the low ARPU M2M business, and maximize the revenue by offering a complete end-to-end M2M solution as a service for specific vertical industry needs.

For further information – please visit www.hp.com/go/m2m