New M2M customer for Telefónica Germany: Telematics solution from Telefónica Deutschland convinces AIS GmbH


The AIS Advanced InfoData Systems GmbH requires reliable digital solutions for its real-time information flow between logistic vehicles and IT systems. From now on, the AIS GmbH (provider for professional telematics applications) will rely on the proven M2M solution competence and national as well as international roaming of Telefónica Deutschland.

AIS has found a strong mobile communications partner for the optimal implementation of its logistics requirements in Telefónica Deutschland. With the help of sophisticated B2B solutions, AIS offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of services. This includes, among others, a complete real-time order management – starting with online ordering of the goods, followed by navigation and location of the goods up to their delivery. To do so, AIS customers receive software and mobile terminals. They send their logistics orders via app from a transport management systems (TSM) or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application to their vehicles. Thus, the tracking of the order progress is carried out in real time. To realize this, AIS has now equipped each of its devices with a M2M SIM card of Telefónica. National and international roaming by using a reliable network coverage became one of the most important reasons why AIS GmbH has chosen Telefónica. … read more

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