Telecommunications Executive Circle Annual Meeting

Structures of the telecommunications market of tomorrow – Germany, Europe and the consequences!

A successful positioning in the market of telecommunications is always becoming more difficult. This is clearly visible in the acquisitions of E-plus by Telefonica, in the continuing success of the OTTs as well as the upcoming investments in the infrastructure. The absence of new ideas and business models shows the development of a competition whose character evolved in the last years always more from a performance to a price competition. Against this background we will discuss the market conditions, perspectives and strategic opportunities of the telecommunications market.

We would like to analyse with you and renowned experts:
-    Which growth impulses can be expected in the telecommunications market?
-    How are providers going to present themselves in the industry sector?
-    What are customers going to claim from the telecommunications providers and what are the consequences of this behavior on the range of services?
-    Are the present market conditions fostering impulses for growth and competitiveness?

Host of the Telecommunications Executive Circle is Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker.

Members of the M2M Alliance receive a 20% discount on this event. To receive the discount, please use our online application form and enter “M2M Alliance “ in the space named Verbandsmitgliedschaft.

Further information on the event, the agenda and the possibility to register are available on the website of the Telecommunications Executive Circle