Promotion for Start-ups

M2M Alliance e.V. promotes the membership of startups in the association


The M2M Alliance, which is the largest association of the M2M / IOT industry in Europe, will in future promote the membership of young companies. Startups pay only a fraction of the regular annual contribution in the future, but they benefit from all regular membership benefits.


“We want to offer young entrepreneurs access to our network, and at a reasonable price. Of course, as an association, we would like to profit from the innovative power of young member companies and bind the start-ups to the M2M Alliance in the long term, “said Eric Schneider, Chairman of the M2M Alliance.


Companies must not be more than three years old when submitted, must have fewer than 25 employees and an annual turnover of less than EUR 2.5 million. The special scheme is valid until the end of the first year after application, ie a maximum of 24 months. The start-up companies are considered to be sponsors during this time, but they can fully utilize all the advantages of the association such as marketing support and cooperation.


Young companies are particularly benefiting from the membership in the M2M Alliance. You will immediately be part of an international company network, benefit from comprehensive service offerings, can actively take advantage of the diverse advertising possibilities of the association as well as a comprehensive range of events. In addition, the start-ups can participate in the topic motions of the members, or themselves, and gain access to the partnerships of the M2M Alliance with the OPC Foundation, SMSE, IIC and many other international associations.


“We also offer the start-up company, which will become members in the M2M Alliance, a half-day slot for the presentation of their innovative IoT solutions at the next M2M Summit on 5 and 6 October 2016.”


The new members shall pay a one-time contribution of 25% of the regular contribution until the end of the calendar year following the date of accession, if the above conditions are met. For example, a startup will be applied for membership in January 2016, then the special scheme will apply until the end of 2017. In the best case, startups can be a member of a 24-month period for a quarter of a regular annual contribution.


The supplemented membership application for startups can be downloaded here.


For more information on the start-up scheme, please refer to the M2M Alliance’s Articles of Association and Contribution Rules


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