Using Hardware Security Modules to Generating Qualified Signatures

Rotkreuz, Düsseldorf, October 25, 2016 – As a consequence of the EU’s new eIDAS (Electronic Identification and Services) Regulation, hardware security modules (HSMs) can now be used to generate qualified electronic signatures. exceet Secure Solutions GmbH, a member company of exceet technology group, provides eIDAS-compliant products and solutions that permit generation of qualified electronic signatures, seals and timestamps in high-security environments.

The deployment of hardware security modules (HSMs) is advisable wherever users want to conduct a large volume of cryptographic operations and maintain absolute security of the key material. Applied to electronic signatures and timestamps, HSMs can replace the customary smartcards. This also makes card readers redundant, greatly facilitating the use of signatures and related processes anywhere in Europe. “Clients now only need a single device – the HSM. They no longer have to operate several card readers and can forget about the associated maintenance and registration processes. That’s why we recommend deploying HSMs, especially for high-performance solutions”, says Christian Schmitz, managing director of exceet Secure Solutions GmbH, in describing the potential of HSMs compliant with the eIDAS Regulation.

Hardware-based Protection for Secure Generation of Signatures and Timestamps

In order to be recognized as signature generation tools under eIDAS, HSMs have to fulfill strict requirements and must be subjected to conformity test. Because hardware security modules from the German manufacturer Utimaco satisfy these high quality demands, exceet relies on such devices to develop and expand eIDAS-compliant solutions. “The extensive expertise of exceet in using security modules and the company’s long-standing experience in the signature market lets us develop joint use cases for hardware security modules – across Europe”, says Malte Pollmann, CEO of Utimaco.

Supported by extensive development expertise regarding custom HSM software, hardware security modules can serve as an ideal basis for certificate-based solutions, e.g. for purposes of substitute scanning or in contract or procurement law. exceet and Utimaco plan to further expand their joint portfolio in this field.

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exceet is an international technology corporation specializing in the development and manufacture of intelligent, complex and secure electronics.


About exceet Secure Solutions

exceet Secure Solutions specializes in secure connectivity solutions and offers consulting, hardware, software and services in this field. The company focuses on M2M solutions and IT security, with special expertise in industry and health. The portfolio also extends to HSMs, PKI solutions as well as products and services for qualified timestamps, including Trust Center operation.


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At the company facilities in Aachen, Utimaco’s “Hardware Security Modules” business unit develops and manufactures products that safeguard electronic assets of businesses, banks and public agencies. The Utimaco CryptoServer acts as a trust anchor for business processes and infrastructures by guaranteeing that all activities comply with legal and regulatory requirements.



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