M2M Innovation World Congress

22 -24 September 2014, Marseille

Despite bright perspectives, the M2M world is in need of innovative approaches to reap the true benefits of connecting devices together. Implementing an M2M project today entails much more than reducing operational expenses or improving service quality. As shown in the 2013 edition of M2M Innovation World Congress, organizations are also looking for more innovative ways to harness ever-increasing amounts of data, to make better informed decisions, to create new sources of revenues through disruptive services, to build new business models.

In reply, the full M2M value chain stakeholders are moving away from a technology-driven approach to put the business and user needs at the centre. One of the main themes of the 2014 Congress will be to translate core M2M technologies into vertical business needs.

The conference will cover the innovative ways to address challenging issues such as: How to turn data into knowledge? How to leverage the Big Data power in M2M architectures? How to move from a fragmented market to consistent connected devices ecosystems?…

Focused on emerging business models, technologies and best practices, the conference will show where the real value of M2M is. The Congress Program Committee will select 65+ presentations from Industry and Verticals best providing inspirations to innovate and setup business though:

- High level insights to rethink ecosystems, Big Data, platforms, connectivity, M2M security
- Lessons sharing of the most inspiring M2M implementations for Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Retail, Smart Home & Smart Devices

More information is available at www.m2minnovationworldcongress.com